ETSI Industriales_UPM has established an outstanding cooperation and exchange network with reputed institutions worldwide. Our School encourages its students to include an international component in their academic training.

The International Relations Office supports international mobility activities in the scope of our School. It consists of the following staff, their names and contacts are listed below:

Vice-Dean for Institutional Relations And Promotion
Juan de Juanes Márquez Sevillano
Ph: 9106.77213
Deputy Vice-Dean for International Relations
Emilio Migoya
Ph: 9106.77169
T.I.M.E. Delegate
Juan de Juanes Márquez Sevillano
Ph: 9106.77213
International Relations Specialist
Ana Domínguez Ruiz de Huidobro
Ph: 9106.76780
Secretary's Office
Nuria Martínez Carpìntero
Ph: 9106.76780
Outgoing Incoming
José Blas Parra Rodríguez
Ph: 9106.76783
Francis Reynolds
Ph: 9106.76785
María Fernández Caba
Ph: 9106.76781

The IRO is located in the 3rd floor, above the main entrance ("Sala de la Máquina" & "Rotonda").

For further information or any questions please contact us by e-mail:


For personal appointments it is mandatory to request it on-line, through
Indusnet Alumnos

Academic Advisors: